4 Weaves from the ‘Bangaru Telangana’ to bring out the Handspun Magic!!

Every state in India has a varied identity of its own. The shining examples which stand testimonial to all the glory of the bygone era are the majestic structures and the magical weaves. Every region has its own weaving style which is so unique that one must feel lucky to own a piece of these weaves at this time. These modest weaves which were a staple for every women back till the 80’s and 90’s, saw a steep downfall with all the synthetic fibres taking up the market space. The Weaver’s count reduced drastically due of lack of demand in the market and had reached an alarming state. There was a point where these were at the verge of extinct.

Gadwal sarees from Telangana

Thanks to Telangana State Government which is now making some sincere effort to revive these Weaves. Also an ode to actors like Samantha who are encouraging hand looms to create awareness.

Samantha speaking to Siddhipet weavers

Did you know that there were about 120 weaves listed under Telangana region? Today we are only left with a number which can be shown on our fingers. What we lost is invaluable and lets make an sincere effort stop it.


So here are some weaves which deserve a place in your wardrobe and heart.

Born in the humble Bhudan Pochampally, Ikkat is now a face or rather say a prime weave representing Telangana when it comes of Hand looms. This Ikkat is probably the most skilfully made fabric with so many permutations and combinations, that it would surely blow your mind if you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the weaving technique. A medley of Tie and Die and silk weaving, its a drape loved by all.

Samantha at WEAVE wearing an Ikkat Saree


Narayanpet sarees have been always known for plain sarees with contrasting borders. If one would have to talk about power dressing in a saree, nothing can stand on par with a Narayanpet saree. Next time you have a Board Meeting, you know what to choose. Weaved both in Pure silk and cotton, it is a soft and very comfortable weave for all seasons.

Narayanpet saree form Jaypore

Remember how we were love struck with the look of Asin in Gharshana. Yes, those were the magic of Gadwal weaves which were worn by her through out the movie. Once these weaves gave a neck to neck to the grandeur of Kanchipuram sarees and then saw a pretty ruthless downfall. However, the weaves are now seeing some sunshine and the demand is growing steadily. This weave which comes in silk, cotton and sico(silk cotton) variety has extensive zari borders and motifs just like Kanchipattu sarees.

Gadwal saree from Avishya

Siddipet Gollabhama
A part of this weave is extinct, however the weave got a major spotlight when Kalvakuntla Kavitha and even Harish Roa Garu wore it on multiple occasions.This weave is called Gollabhama as it brings out the design of a lady carrying a milk pot on her head. There is also a version of Gollabhama which is called the Bathukamma motif, which represents the Bathukamma festival of telangana. The soft cotton with which the designs are woven makes it a perfect pick for women this summer. These weaves are also available in versions of silk and suiting fabric.

Gollabhama sare


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