5 Addigai designs to bring back the Vintage love!!

Indian Jewellery is a lot more than just ornamental value. It is a strong representation of culture and a royal reflection to the ancient history.
Every piece of  jewellery is made with skilled craftsmanship and came so sturdy that they have been passed down Generation after Generation to their heirlooms.One such design is the Addiga/ Addiagai. It is very possible that a family would have at least one ancient Addiga as their ancestral memory. Such is the love.

Here are 5 such Addiga designs to make you Nostalgic and makes your heart Crave them all

The Diamond Addiga
This Addiga is the master design which hasn’t altered across generations. This jewel is made by Navrathan Jewellers with the best quality diamonds and using the ancient closed setting technique. If you are an antique lover, we would definitely suggest you to pick this over all the heavy Diamond chokers available in the market today.

The Diamond Addige from Navrathan Jewellers

The Naanthadu Addiga
A huge shout out to Vasundhara Diamond roof to make an effort to revive this long lost design. The craftsmanship is clearly reflected in this delicate piece. The neckline is made using a technique called Kolusu or alternately called Naantadu. However the beauty lies in the bird pendants on the either side and the majestic ruby pendant in the centre.

Addige from Vasundhara Diamond roof

The Kempu Addiga
This is a neck piece loved by all. Back in time, women mostly preferred Rubies over emeralds so that it would match to the contrasting red and pink borders of their Kanchipuram sarees and hence this Kemp Addiga had been an Unanimous choice for women across generations. We have found this design from the antique section of Kojewellery who make gold coated silver jewellery. This design is so perfect and if you want to grad a design, this is just perfect for you being priced at less than 20,000.

Kempu Addige from KoJewellery

The Gajje Addiga
This is a beautiful fusion of 2 most renowed jewellery making technique. Combining the Gajje(Gold balls weaved into a Neckline) to the Close setting pendant of Addiga seems an expiremental move , but its so perfect that its a match made in heaven.

The Gajje Addiga

The Three step Addiga.Another stunning 3 step Addiga with Naantadu running through the neckline. The pendants have been extensively crafted out of diamonds, rubies and emeralds using the Close setting technique. Perfect pick for Youngsters who who want newer designs of Addiga.

3 Piece Diamond Addiga
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