5 Benarasi Dupattas to bring out the Princess in you.

Can we ever get over the Nasha of Benarasee? Absolutely NO and we are giving you some legitimate reasons to justify. Here are some resplendent weaves from the looms of Benaras which are drop dead gorgeous. So wait no more to explore.

The Kadwa Buti Wala
Doesn’t this design remind you of your Grandmom’s treasured Benarasi? We are sure it would, since the weaving technique is the oldest possible in terms of the design and motifs. The Kadwa Buti is usually flowery bushes or Animal motifs which are intricate in detailing. One great way to treasure heritage and Handlooms is owning one of  these timeless beauties.

The Kadwa Buti Benarasee from Weaverstory


The Kora Benarasee
Kora Fabric is light and versatile and yet still holds up stiff to the Drape making it a go-to choice for women who don’t want to look drowned in a Saree or Dupatta. Kora is great for any kind of weaving from Kanchipuram to Benaras and if you are looking for a one such weave, it is a right time to invest in one.

The Kora Benarasee from Weaverstory

The Benarasee Bandej
This is for all the Bandhej Lovers. A white Silk Kurta with a red Bhandej is still a go-to look for many women. Such craze when combined with the Bling of Benaras is always a sunshine to brighten your Day. Wear it on a plain silk Kurta to create a royal magic and remember that you can always mix-and match Bandhej to the color of your choice.

The Benarasee Bhandej from Weaverstory

The Patola Benaras
Every one knows how rich the Patolas are. Probably the most extensive form of weaving technique and now the rarest. Consider yourself lucky if could get your hands on some authentic Patola weaves. What we have here is a beautiful blend of Patola Dupatta weaved with Benarasi Border. Beauty cannot get better than this.

The Patola Benarasee from Weaverstory

The Dulhan Waali Benaras

Any Indian Wedding would remain incomplete without the presence of Benarasee. The weaves are considered auspicious and a special Ektara weave Benarasee is considered for a Bridal Saree or Weave. Here is one such majestic Ektara weaved Benarasee Dupatta with real Gold and Silver Zari with floral Jangla Design.

The Ektara Jangla Dupatta from Weaverstory

All these Duppattas featured here are from Weaverstory.com. Visit their site for Pricing and Queries.

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