Weddings are a Gala time for many Indian Families. After all it is something the elders in the family must have been waiting for generations. It may be the wedding of  ‘Gudiya’ who is the one and only daughter of Mr.Sharma or it may be the wedding of Mr. Vishwa who is a successful NRI, It is a celebration everyone wants to Indulge and be generous in. However, our Generosity should never be a burden on Mother earth.It somehow doesn’t justify the spirit of the celebration
The amount of plastic Consumption and Disposable waste in any Indian wedding is massive. So Brides, Grooms and families, it is high time you rethink your wedding planning strategies so to minimise

your carbon footprints.
And here as an effort from our side, we present to you some Eco-Friendly swaps which you can easily follow for any wedding.

Wedding dolls as return gifts

Disposable cultery.
The mere mention of it brings so many images of litter in our minds. A huge number of cups,plates , spoons and glasses are used in every wedding and all of it becomes kilos of trash in a couple of hours. So much that it could simply fill up your living room. Think Again, is it really worth it?
Opt for resuable Glassware/Steel or ceramic cutlery for this, I am sure a mere call your wedding planner or your decorator would do the trick. And if its not your cup of tea, there are many innovative small scale companies which are producing Eco-friendly cutlery. Encourage them by giving a wedding order to them.








Return Gifts
No one returns home without a lil’ something from the hosts in Indian Weddings. While these gifts mostly comprise of storage boxes, haldi kumkum and some fruit/sweet. Alll wrapped in some tons of plastic and additionally the storage boxes which are made of plastic derivatives.
Well think about it again, why not gift something which are hand made, say some handmade wedding dolls or haldi/kunkum placed in some wooden boxes, this way not only you are doing a favour to the mother earth, but also encouraging the lost arts and the artisans.This set below is from Sri ram Samruddhi.

Wooden haldi kumkum boxes in a handwoven basket


Have you ever observed how every single english flower comes wrapped in plastic while the decoration is going on. And those flowers unfortunately do not do justic for our Indian Nativity. Thank yourself later and opt for some Desi Marigolds and Jasmines for the wedding decor. They do not come in packaging and also have a wonderful fragrance and we assure you that your pictures with that background would be Dope.

Country flowers for wedding decor, courtesy: Cineyug

Blouse Pieces
This is exclusively for south Indian weddings where we gift sarees/ or atleast Blousepieces to the near and dear. But did you know all those polyester fabrics do not decompose naturally into the earth. Fabric waste is a massive problem that you can even imagine. one way to beat the problem in vougue is opt for some handspun pieces like Ikkat or Kalamkari, They are lighter on the pocket and yet always in style.

Kalamkari Blouse fabrics

Wedding accessories.
Try to go to a Wholesale market close to you to buy all your wedding accessories without packaging, If buying loose items, try to fill them up in reuable containers or in paper packaging and I am sure you would bag great prices at flea markets.

Wholesale markets for wedding accessories

So were out teeny tiny tips to for a great Eco-Friendly wedding. So Amigos, lets get started.