5 Saree worn by Samantha which are pure Bliss!!

As we wish our ever sweet Samantha a very Happy Birthday, we can’t ignore her cuteness anymore. The sweetest smile with a sweeter heart and that’s why she deserves to be called the queen of Tollywood. So today, let us see 5 times Samantha wore a Sari that created huge trend in the fashion industry.

The Engagement Saree

Well, this delicate Sari was something out of the world with her beautiful fairy tale etched on it. Designed by Koesch by Kresha Bajaj , this love story lehenga was an inspiration for many brides there after.

Samantha in her Engagement saree


The Sabyasachi Guest

Who doesn’t wish to get dressed under the Sabyasachi Label. If you would give that chance to any women, its no less than a dream come true. While Samantha got a chance, she opted for a coffee brown organza Saree. No one ever imagined that one could look so stunning in a Color less chosen.

Samantha in a Sabyasachi Organza saree

The Motif Love

We are sure no one would have ever forgotten this Saree of Samantha. It was literally Elegance Personified. This Saree now loved by all are being replicated in a huge number and the demand for is showing no signs of downfall.Well, when are you owning one such Motif filled Saree?

he Motif saree worn by Samantha

The Linen love

What we absolutely love about Samantha’s styling is that, as fashionable as it is , she makes sure that its absolutely functional and comfy. Well, who said youngsters can’t wear cotton sarees? This Baby pink linen saree with a handloom silk blouse, is a perfect pick for this Summer heat.

Samantha in a baby pink linen saree

The Cloudy Breeze

Samantha got a very remarkable makeover this summer with a Baby cut and she was spotted in this shoulder less blouse and Sari. A light fabric, hand block print and a breezy coloured Fabric. Definitely Pintrest worthy for all the women who want to try something new.

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