5 Stunning Vaddanam Designs under 5000 INR!!

Jewelry is a natural love for women through out the world and when it comes to our South Indian women, with so many forms of ornaments, they have too many options to choose from. From the smallest Maang Tika to the Uber grand Vaddanam, there is something for everyone. Wait!! did I just say Vaddanam, I know its probably the heaviest of all the ornaments for a South Indian woman,but it’s pure love. However, raising cost of the gold is something we must be really worried about and Investing so much on ornaments which just see light once in a decade is not something you must really consider.

So, here is our option, buy something artificial, its guilt free, you can wear it any number of times without any fear and also at a fraction of what you are willing to pay for an original item. And while there are so many outlets and stores out there, we just dug gold in the heart of Charminar, it’s Shubham Pearls and Jewelry. Oh boy,  designs are with incredible detailing and as a small challenge, let me show you their Vaddanam designs which are under 5k rupees. Yes, you read that right, it is Under 5000 INR. So, here we go!!

What is the first thing which comes to our mind when we visualize a vaddanam, A gold belt with a Lakshmi devi motif in the center. I guess it is almost impossible to not have a traditional vaddanam without Goddess Lakshmi Devi, So keeping with aesthetics, here are two stunning waist belt designs.

Jaali Design vaddanam from Shubham Pearls
CZ and Lakshmi Vaddanam from Shubham Pearls

Priced at 2950 INR and 3400 INR, these are a best bet any day. So grab them from Shubham Jewellers right away before the stock lasts.

The next popular design with Vaddanam has always been the Peacock or famously called the Mayura design. And to keep with the rich trend of Diamond vaddanam, here is a masterpiece which is definitely going to turn you bonkers. This design is completely done in CZ with a intricate workmanship. However, the price is super affordable at only 4600 INR.

Diamond finish CZ vaddanam from Shubham Pearls

And here is one more design in CZ for the love of Peacocks and this design too is a super bargain at 4900 INR.

Peacock design Vaddanam from Shubham Pearls

Last, but not the least this design pattern is so versatile, this is everyone’s favorite. The Uncut style Vaddanam. This design is special for the way it presents a garden design so intricately. This design is priced at 4450 INR

Uncut Style vaddanam from Shubham Pearls


I know you are in love all the designs, but let me remind you that you need to grab them before they are gone. So head to Shubham Pearls and jewelry page or call them on to place an order.

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