A keepsafe letter for all the brides from Team BE

Dear Brides,

You might have dreamt about your wedding for a million times now. You might have dressed up your barbie doll like a Indian bride a thousand times when you were a kid. And you must have tried your mom’s wedding saree secretly without her notice. All for being a dream bride they you always wanted to be!!

Hearty congratulations to you !! You finally heard your wedding bells and this is happening right now . We can understand that You are filled with happiness, a little bit of fear and loads of excitement

While our team is all geared up to provide you the best of the best for your wedding , we really wanna share few words with you.

Firstly, take a deep breath ,calm down and smile . Start enjoying every moment as a bride-to-be, precisely from now.

You are surely very busy with all the proceedings, but please do make an effort to pen down your phase of being a bride. Somewhere down the line when you can re live these precious moments again and you would definitely not feel that your wedding was a blur

While you might already sent out your digital invites to your friends , please make a point do call them up and invite. Don’t ever make them feel that you just sent it out as a formality

Don’t stress out yourself if your “doddamma” or your “chutku cousin” frown at your wedding saree, ultimately you know what’s good for you and after all it is YOUR wedding. Even the master pieces of da vinci were critiqued , so chill.

You wedding is a result of years of saving ,Isn’t It? It may be yours or may be of your family. While they show no hesitation to satisfy your every whim , think twice before you make a purchase/booking .

Treasure all your moments with the elderly grand mom’s and grand pa’s , talk to them , ask them regarding thier wedding in the earlier days. We are sure you would definitely build a whole new level of bonding with them all over again

Yes, All your wedding dreams are coming true ,but please make sure you give a little back to the society. Use sustainable decors and favors , Mother Earth would surely bless you with all her love for all your efforts.

Its perfectly alright if something doesn’t work out. Wedding blouse may not be fitting you perfectly, flowers may have withered, there might be delay in dinner…. Stop focusing on the black dot on a paper, instead soak yourself in the white and you would definitely have a most memorable wedding.

Understand that it is never about the perfect wedding ceremony. It’s more about the precious married life ever after. Your bond for a life long and your unborn kids who would share your love is all makes it worth.

Let your intuition be your best friend on your wedding day. Get lost in precious moments of the wedding ceremony with your to-be husband. Focus on all the wedding vows and chants and you would not definitely feel that your wedding passed in a blur.

Wishing you all the luck in the world.


Blog by : Poojitha Ravulapalli- Email: poojitharavulpalli@gmail.com

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