A Silk Saree Affair!

Silk sarees are a classic. It is always the perfect attire be it  any festive event. It adds beauty to the wearer. It makes the wearer more feminine. It can make the wearer a modest homely woman or a glam-goddess. Silk sarees never go out of style. Designer silk is  trending. Silk sarees with bhuties or golden borders.  It is graceful, comes in gorgeous colours, has lovely embroidery and that makes it extremely popular within the category of sarees.  And, the Indian wedding time is all about flaunting bright colours, wearing an extra dash of glitter, looking glamorously festive.

Grandeur of the saree because of the intensity of the colour.




Going gaga over these elegance-woven-in-fabric.


Gold  brocade , fine silk  and opulent border.

The royal appearance!

The red and green , creating the timeless impact!

All time favourite , peacock  motifs that attract attention.

Choosing bright shades and carrying it well without making it look gaudy.

The sindhoori red silk matches the bride’s blush.

1 bold n bright


Simple silk sarees with intricately designed pallu is balancing act between minimalism and grandness in a single six yards fabric.

2 simple and grand pallu

Let the intensity of colour speak of its grandeur . Bright without being gaudy.

4 bright color

Simple, light-weight, and flexible for any occasion.

5 light weight

Contrasting colours and artsy designs go hand-in-hand.

Simple silk sarees with a designed pallu makes the silk saree look elegant.



 The stunning gold that can never go out of fashion.



Which one is your pick?

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