A Tamil Brahmin Wedding with Smiley Media.

As every girl wishes and awaits for that one person in her life for that one lovely and charming relationship , her wedding!
A beautiful union of two families , along with the Bride and Groom.
While some basic traditions are the same all over the country, there are a lot of differences in the way marriages are conducted in the northern and southern parts. In the south itself, there are subtle differences in the marriages conducted among the four southern states, differences emanating from cultural as well as regional differences.

Brahmin Wedding Rituals with Smiley Media.

Banana leaves, pompous nagaswarams,the famous athirasam and all the aunties and uncles dressed up in panchakachams.


A ritual where the groom starts his Journey from Kashi(Varanasi).The groom sets off towards the gate, wearing plain slippers, with a palm leaf fan and umbrella in one hand to keep himself cool, and in the other hand, a walking stick to help him walk long distances, and a Bhagavad Gita to study as he travels, as if deciding to leave attachments behind and set off for Kashi. The bride’s father stops him at the gate, and convinces him to return, offering his daughter’s hand in marriage, assuring him of all comforts and happiness.


The maternal uncles of the respective bride and groom lift them up , to exchange the garlands.Symbolises unification as a single soul. The bride and the groom have fun by making garlanding  one another difficult.


When the two exchange  garlands , the couple are seated on a swing, and fed a mixture of bananas, milk and sugar by women from both families. This is intended to be some sort of sustenance, since they eat nothing else till the ceremonies are completed. This is done by three or five women form the grooms and brides family.



The first part of this ceremony is where the father gives the bride away,giving him all rights over her, and advising him to take care of her. Mangalayam is tied around the bride’s neck by the groom.Further strengthening the bond between the families is the act of tying the string itself – the groom ties one knot while his sister ties two knots – which emphasizes the fact that the bond the bride makes with the groom is just one aspect of the new relationship.



The groom holds the bride’s right hand and recites the marriage vows .


The bride and groom take seven steps, each step has a significant meaning. Only after Saphtapati the bride and groom are officially married.


The groom takes the bride outside to see two starts, the dhruv and arundhati , wife of sage vashishta for her selfless devotion .

After all these rituals , the bride and groom are made to perform series of  hawans .This is followed by the graha prawesham.

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