A Wardrobe must have!! *Kerala Kasavu*

Every state in India has its own traditional attire and it truly brings out the unity in diversity of this beautiful country. However the most unique of all is the Kerala Kasavu. What makes it unique is that the same color and design is carried throughout all the generations. While all other state attires comprise of various colors and designs, this Kerala Saree hasn’t tweaked a bit every since the history of time.


amantha Spotted in a Kerala saree

This pure handloom and soft cotton versatile weave definitely has roots to behold. Dating back to the Buddhist and Jain era, this ‘vastram’ usually has an unstitched colored border cloth on the upper part of the body and a tie around cloth for the lower part. This is still a popular way of dressing up in kerala for special occasions, which is usually called as the Mundum-neriyathum. And the modern day version is the Kasavu saree or what we popularly called as the Kerala saree. The saree had been so remarkable that you  can spot the same on various Ravi Varma paintings too.

A Ravi Varma painting of a women in Kerala saree

The design is a beautiful off white cotton saree, set to the contrast borders of gold shades. The blouse is mostly Green, probably seeking inspiration from the lush green landscapes from the God’s own country. The Kerala Saree irrespective of caste, religion and all other factors is worn by women on all their festivals. This definite must have wardrobe essential is much loved by all the celebrities too. Many actors have been spotted wearing this Kerala saree and it’s time you have a look on how creatively they styled the whole look.

A Kerala Bride in all her Glory

Asin,a keralite herself looking stunning pairing her Kasavu with a traditional mullamothu necklace.

Asin in a traditional Kerala Saree

Nitya Menon too was spotted in a simple kasavu paired with a red blouse.

Nitya Menon in a Kerala Saree

Amala Paul draped an amazing Golden Mundu set during her wedding ceremony.

Amala Paul in a traditional Kerala Mundu


While we love the traditional saree, make sure you even try the modern Half saree incase you are a fashioniasta.

The designer version of a Kerala Half saree
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