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A Wedding Blogger’s tip to make draping your Saree a breeze!!

Saree Draping is a mini horror story for the women of current generation. While the older generation has been draping sarees for what seems like forever, they too struggle with one simple problem, and that is, getting the drape just right!! Sometimes it’s the ugly front pleat and other times it’s the disproportionate pallu. And the worst of all, the bulky bump at the waist.

While this is relatable to everyone, my story too is no less. On the day of my Engagement, I wanted everything to be just perfect, so I hired a professional hairstylist, a saree Draper and a makeup artist. However, my husband still teases me that I looked like a pregnant . All hail the underskirt which made me bulge at my waist and nevertheless the Saree saga continued to the wedding where the long Kanchivarams and underskirts never wanted to be together and it was a total mess.

Tia Bhuva’s sari silhouette

All of this would not have happened, had I known about the magic Saree silhouette. Let me add a lil’ Disclaimer here, that this is no where sponsored/advertised via Brides essentials. As a Wedding blogger, I felt this is a need of the hour since all the Instagram swears by the Tiabhuva’s saree silhouette.

Wondering who Tia is? Do you remember the can-can drape and the lady who made the tutorials to pep up the saree game? Yes, she is the same lady, who bought this Saree silhouette to make your life a lil’ easier.

This magic underskirt, made out of a strechy spandex material, is similar to wearing your most comfy yoga pants and the waist band and elastic so well in place that, you drape is as perfect as of the Mannequin in a Saree store. Guess whats more!! There are brides who approve of this by sitting for more than 3 hours ,cross-legged in the silhouette. Well, that just hit the nail on the head.

While every woman body type is different and every Saree is different, the saree silhouette too is available in 3 lengths Petite, Regular and Tall, while the sizes range from XS to XL. The color palette too which started with black and nude is now extending to various bridal colors such as white and red. And that’s a score.

Tia Bhuva's sari silhouette
Tia Bhuva’s sari silhouette

The beautiful and sweet lady Tia, behind TiaBhuva, who is a mom-to-be now, also showcased some tutorials using her Saree silhoutte, not just for the Brides but also for all the mom’s to be, so that it doesn’t make saree draping a punishment to them.

While these are enough reasons to grab one, let me warn you that these are hot cakes everytime they are restocked. So for all the women, who are now looking out to order one, you better place it right away. Oh, did I mention that they do ship worldwide? Yes, they do!!

Tia Bhuva's sari silhouette
Tia Bhuva’s sari silhouette

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