Adorn your feet with gorgeous Anklets.

Anklets are an integral part of women’s adornment in the Indian culture. Also known as ‘payal’, they have great spiritual and social significance. The tinkling bell sound it creates is always a fancy. Solah Shringar’ is one popular tradition of any marriage in India. ‘Payal’ or Anklets is also one type of adornment and once embraced, it suggests one of the sixteen adornments that complete a bride’s look on her wedding day.

Wearing Payal on traditional occasions is considered as auspicious. Hindu girls and women wear anklets in all the important occasions such as festivals and weddings. Designers  Payals are also in trend. These days ankle chains made of non precious materials like beads, rubber and plastic  are very much in vogue.
Take a look at these inspirational photos we put together for you.

Semi precious golden n stone anklet perfect for the bride .Also an attached toe ring. This is best suited for the bride because it gives a rich look .


Anklets  are considered to be traditional, and an auspicious gift for the new bride. Traditional silver heavily carved anklet for the bride , worn for the wedding. Beautifully crafted and designer anklets add appeal to Indian bride’s jewellery.

PC-Pranesh Photography

Beautifully crafted Gold  embellishments.

PC- Srees Photography

Elegant double layered gold patti , with stone work for all occasions.

PC- Swanswedding

Kundan work single layered patti, with a dangling stone.

PC- Divyakshi Gupta
PC- Ranganath Photography

Beaded coloured Anklets.

PC-Snapshot Photography
PC-DeviSathish Photography

Beaded and coloured stone with layers of chains give a bohemian look attached to the toe.


Pearl and Stone finishing anklets.

Fashionable Outfit matching coloured stone anklets,the beautiful anklet is as significant to an Indian bride as her wedding saree.

Appealing single sequenced stone anklets.A little chain is appealing and adorns the feet too.

Anklets are pretty cool, right??

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