All you need to know about the magic of #mannequin challenge in south Indian weddings

Every year our social media is flooded with some unique and crazy challenges which spread like a wild fire in no time.Ice bucket challenge, black and white photo challenge etc are the best examples to name a few.But very recently we came across this amazing hashtager which is called as #mannequinchallenge. Probably some of you are already aware of this from the videos which are going viral in the social media. Initially it was confined to sports and other such events, but Team BE was stunned to find one video made out for our own South Indian weddings.Howcool is that?

Mannequin challenge is all about creating a time freeze video, say which is about of a minute duration.It looks as if all the characters/persons at that particular moment are freezed and you get to see all of their emotions over a span of 30-40 seconds.Sounds awesome right? So, How do they do it is your question? Well remember the statue game which you used to play when you were a kid? The same concept applied. All the people at the venue go statue for about a minute and then the entire time lapse is covered.The outcome is so breathtaking that you would literally be left in awe after the watching it.Check this awesome video, a creation of Vijay eesam as a part of the mannequin challenge. This video is already a big-hit with 5 Lakh views and  4000 plus re-shares

Again if you are wondering of why Brides essentials is talking about this mannequin challenge, let us make it clear for you. Isn’t it every Bride’s dream to capture those eternal moments of her wedding and saving them for a lifetime? True right!! Then what better way do you have than having a time freeze video of those eternal moments at the wedding venue.

And trust us it is going to be a super fun shoot with all your family members included. Well, as we already told you so much, we would also want to give a huge shout to Vijay Eesam for his attempt to bring us such visual feasts.

So, After reading all this ,we know that your are really making up your own Mannequin video in your imaginations.Cheers to that!!. Keep following Brides Essential for more of such Crazy wedding trends.

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