Every now and then we have introduced you to so many photographers, so many Portraits and even various forms of photography. However, one thing remained the same, bringing out the best in everything. As a team of Brides essentials and also as an individual wedding blogger who is all mad about weddings, perfection is something we look in every feature we present to you.

A stunning Bridal Portrait by Villart

So, when it comes to photography in weddings, everyone knows how crucial it can be. We don’t want to repeat on how choosing the right photographer can make a ton of difference. And as far as I remember, the entire Gala of Candid wedding photography started just a decade ago. And I still remember the first time I saw one such photography session. It was a fascinating and refreshing experience for a teen I was back then and for you guys wondering who that team was, It was Villart photography and man behind it was Ramana garu who led the shoot with all smiles.

Ramana Garu’s efforts to get the perfect shot

If you are wondering why I am talking about Villart, People talk about legacy in every aspect of wedding industry and so when I was assigned the task of finding one such team for photography, I definitely knew that it’s gonna be Villart. How many of you followers still remember the Be a Star show on TV9. Transforming people from various walks of life and boosting their confidence level was the motto of the show and Villart was the driving force for all their photography sessions. The amount of time Ramana garu spent on the final reveal of the portrait was all it took for the show to succeed and be a fairy tale for all the women on the show. And these are just few other laurels among the so many feathers in the Villart’s hat.

A stunning fairy Tale moment from the lens of Villart

Fast forward to 10 years, Me and  many other photo enthusiast still adore his work and after all this, the perfection he still exhibits is unmatched and The replacement for this man’s work is still not found. So exhibited here are some of his works so you would understand what I meant.

Stunning Bridal Portrait by Villart


This one is BE’s favourite and for some apparent reason this definitely looks straight out of a wedding song in a Tollywood movie. Isn’t it?

As, we reach to the end , I know you would want all the details of Villart Photography  . So here is the link to their facebook page or call them on +91 99665 00010 for bookings or any other  queries.