Artistic Addutera designs for Jeelakarra Bellam

Even if the groom and bride know each other for quite some time , there is something very special about the moment you look at  each other at the mandap. I am sure your heart skips a beat at the first glance of your fiancé.But be it any culture, the bride is beautifully covered in veils ,ghoongat or even pan leaves for bengalis. And in our Telugu tradition we use addutera to conceal the bride. The moments of anxiety  only come to end when the bride is revealed after the jeelakarra bellam.

In the olden days, a traditional white silk dhoti with Swastik mark  was used as addutera. But ,now when everything related to the wedding is a designer make, addutera too took a makeover with vibrant colors and pictures . With numerous designs available in the market ,we are now showcasing some amazing adduteraluwhich are now in rage.

Addutera with the bride and grooms names :You can order them for any bridal accessories store like Pellipoolajada or get them customized from your designers.

Photo courtesy: Navdeep Soni

Addutera with names engraved
Addutera with names engraved

Kalamkari addutera with wedding themed paintings. Kalamkari paintings are usually done on cloth bringing various mythological episodes into life.As these are dyed with natural vegetable colors , they are one of a kind and capable enough to make a statement on your auspicious day. 

kalamkari addutera
kalamkari addutera

Which Telugu heart  doesn’t fall for Bapu paintings.With his kalyanam painting replicated on the ivory color fabric, it is surely bound to steal the hearts of the guests.Get them digital printed or replicated in paint with your wedding vendors.

Photocourtesy: Dattu Khandavilli photography

Photo courtesy: Krishnam Photography 

Netted Addutera: Lastly these Jasmine and roses weaved delicate screens are just adorable. With complex artistic patterns and flamboyant colors they can easily grab everyone’s heed.Not to mentioned they also help with the silly peek -a-boo for the bride and groom.

Jasmine Addutera
Jasmine Addutera

Latest Fun-adduteras: Photocourtesy: Photriya Photography

With our top picks bestowed, you can now get creative and get your adduteratailor according to the theme of your wedding.brides_essentials_addutera7

Pellipoolajada specializes in Netted/ printed and floral addutera designs.
Kalamkari Adduera: Kalamkari village
Embroidered Addutera: Kaathyayini Designer works

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