The sheer magic of bridal portraits by Vijay Eesam

A couple of months ago I was travelling from Banjara hills, Hyderabad. As I reached road no 2, something caught my eye. A huge LED display written as Vijay Eesam in bright colours was shining in the darkness of the night. Though I was introduced to Vijay Eesam photography through Social media much before that, the display looked like a metaphor of the richness Vijay Eesam photography creates.There is so much to talk about the candid pictures and awesomeness captured by Vijay Eesam photography but today I would love to focus on the bridal portraits here. Indian weddings are an amalgamation of various rituals and customs that go on for hours leaving no time for our bride and groom to relax on their big day. Since the focus is more on completing the rituals, photographers find it challenging to capture good pictures of the bride amidst the wedding chaos. And, what can be the best way to behold your wedding attires and look than portraits?Every picture is an art in itself. Every frame tells you a story. A story through the eyes and smiles of a beautiful bride. Vijay Eesam has over the years mastered the art of capturing images in best angles understanding the looks of an individual. Also, they perfectly know to mould the intensity of light, colours, background to enhance the picture quality. It is not enough to capture a photo but it is also extremely important to capture the emotions a bride-to-be carries. The team ensures to encapsulate the numerous emotions a bride goes through and the same is evident in their pictures -nervy, blushy, edgy, cheerful and excited brides.

If you want to frame an exclusive picture of you to hang it on a wall, then bridal portraits are the best. If you want to cherish and behold some memories to relive again, then go hire Vijay Eesam for your shoots.
Because, they are the one of the best in the field. Because, once you hire them, they get into action relieving you from tension. Because, they are experts in capturing your true emotions. Because, they will click at your ease. Because, they will never disappoint you. Because, they are trustworthy. Because, bridal portraits are worthy!

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Here is one of the beautiful Wedding Trailer by VijayEesam Team


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