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Brides,these Crocheted pallus for your Wedding Sarees are not to miss!!

Hello Ladies,
I have a question for you all. What do you do when you buy a Kanchipuram Saree? I know there are a series of things to do. Detach the blouse piece, get the fall stitched , Maggam work on the blouse, Dori for the blouse and pico for the saree. That’s it?
Don’t you feel that I am missing out on something? Well I feel the same too, after discovering the beauty of hand crocheted Saree tassels.

multi color tassels by Krishne
multi color tassels by Krishne

I bumped into these while I was on a random street in bangalore and I was curious to know what it was. Being from Hyderabad I wasn’t really aware of the whole Saree Kuchu designs. It’s something like the Nine yards saree, it is the representation of the south, however it’s predominantly only seen in Tamilnadu. Similarly while Kanchipuram Saree is worn by everyone, the Kuchu is almost a compulsory for a Karnataka bride, like a Maggam work blouse is for telugu bride.

Innovative patterns of saree kuchu
Innovative patterns of saree kuchu by Krishne

But, hey, the beauty is in bringing the best of every culture isn’t it? So, why not all the brides in South India try these amazing Saree tassels.While, the truth be spoken, there are many designers and boutiques who offer this service of Saree tassels, however the art of crocheting to create Saree tassels is a high rarity. So here are the best designs we found of the artistic Saree Kuchu and we are sure they are intricate enough to lit up your day.

crocheted saree kuchu in blue and red
crocheted saree kuchu in blue and red by Krishne

While compiling this blog, I started searching for pictures of these tassels and I came across this amazing team from Krishne Saree tassels who are based out of Bangalore. To be honest, the main intention today was to only write about regular silk thread tassels and their designs, but these guys blew me out with these crocheted designs.

Ready made saree tassel by Krishne
Ready made Saree tassel

What amazed me more was their perfection in the work they do. Super impressed I must say. How much I wished that I knew these before my wedding. Truly its a blessing for Brides in Bangalore and even if you are not, there is a way to get their designs, that is through their readymade tassels. They do provide customization too, so do have a peep.


For further details visit their page and Stay tuned to Brides Essentials for further more trends.




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