Capturing Best Bridal Portraits With #2 Siraj Khan Photography.

Fun and off-beat photography creates eternal wedding memories for the lovely brides. With an eye for the picture-perfect moments, Siraj Khan has created not just pictures but art. With subtle toning and a distinct artsy feel they know just how to freeze the moment with pictures that speak for themselves!
These Pictures capture everything from – Emotions and  Beauty.

Moments of enchanting serendipity

The vibrant colors and the brides gleamy smile.Epitomization of the calm before the storm.

Soulful smile!

I am your sunshine ,your only sunshine moment.

Capturing the bride in making! Dressing up for the day she waited and waited! To all the the days she took to chose these lovely pieces of jewelry .The happiness reflecting from within!

Weave your memories for lifetime with Siraj Khan Photography,check their Facebook Page for more details here.

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