Capturing Best Bridal Portraits With #3 DOT dn Studios.

Weddings are beautiful. Weddings are fun. Weddings are a celebration!Capturing these beautiful moments and the presence of the  photographers covering it ,makes it more special.These photos brilliantly shot by Dot dn Studios recreate every event in the wedding and the story writes for itself.

The brides are pampered big time, and sisters are the best, who are always by the side of the bride.To make her feel look perfect.Portrait of  the bride in her truest self, from shy glances to enjoying the important moments of her life.Twirling away the wedding blues and looking forward to cherish the moments.A blush pink dupatta, a mellow yellow lehenga and a shy smile! That was all this beautiful bride needed to look absolutely gorgeous on her Engagement

No matter how much the  girl grows up , they are always remain daddy’s little girls!Making a grand entry! A journey from the parents home to the wedding. The life changing journey for a girl.Flaunting her stunning trinkets, her kohl-rimmed eyes, a traditional hair-do and a bit of bridal swag she looks ready for her new life.

Weave your memories for lifetime with Dot dn  Studios ,check their Facebook Page for more details here .

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