Capturing Best Bridal Portraits With #4 Sunil Emmar Photography .

As a  photographer Sunil Emmar has beautifully articulated the magic of love through his camera and you can see that in all these pics! The best thing about all these pictures is that love sneaks in because it is allowed. And the events look like so much fun. We think  whatever looks fun, should be fun too.

Love the way her eyes ooze with love and eagerness!Dazzling and just perfect with the right makeup, saree and jewels! Elegance, bold shades, not a hair out of place, traditional accessories make her look gorgeous!

Big buns for a hair-do with gorgeous chokers are the kind of things from the early 70’s that the whole world fell in love with. Bring those back in for a bit and you’ll know how true it is when they say fashion repeats!

Very intricately captured Moment.

Sister Act!

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