Capturing the beautiful bride in making!

Everyone loves a sentimental shot of the groom seeing his bride for the first time or that cute moment during the couple’s dance. But we tend to forget all the special moments that lead up to those photos!
Capturing the bride in making, this is it! The time when the bride is about to dress up in her most surreal outfit. This moment is extremely important in a bride’s life and each bride would want to capture it all. This is the time when you can actually have a lot of beautiful pictures.
That first time you step into your wedding outfit  is a magical moment. The jewellery you chose. The hair do  which you flaunted.The nails you got done  sitting patiently for hours.
The smaller ,the bigger and the tiny details we want to cherish for the lifetime.

PC: Karthik Pallati


Detailing Magic!
The hours you spend to get the things perfectly ! This shot makes your efforts worthwhile, don’t they! 

The shots of you getting all glammed up!

PC: Naga Sai Teja Photography

Mirror photos feel up close and personal without having a camera right in your face. They are great for showing hair, make up and dress details in a fresh way.This bride’s ecstatic expression gives us all the feels.

Royal princess treatment by your friends helping you get ready for d-day , resulting in magical photos.

Highlight the dreamy details of your jewellery ,hair do,  outfit  with an action close-up. Embroidery details , tassels  are all shown to perfection in this photograph.

PC: Villart Photography
PC: Avinash Photography

This  photo  tells us a fashion story , thanks to the bride’s glamorous poses and the dramatic use of lighting.

PC: Naga Sai Teja Photography

Capturing  all of the details of your jewellery and the other tiny details , that you fell in love with and chose to flaunt it for the most important day of your life.

Arun candid wedding photography

These quiet moments are something that will make you smile for years to come.

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