Cousin’s wedding? Here are all hacks you need to know while planning!!

“God Made us cousins since he knew our mothers cannot handle us as siblings”. One apt quote which says it all.

Remember, how we use to you to fight with our cousins for a place beside the bride/groom at family weddings as kids?

Group photoshoot is just wow!!
Group photoshoot is just wow!!

Now when you are all grown up and as Wedding bells ring for one of your cousins, Its full on masti and unlimited madness.

From sangeet , to Haldi cermony and throughout the wedding , no ceremony is complete without these insane sweet hearts.

When my close cousin dropped her wedding bomb, the first thing that came to my mind – Shopping!!

I guess it is the same for most of the lovely ladies out there.

Perfectionist brides find it stressful planning their wedding and so it is for us cousins and bridesmaids who add beauty to the entire event.

Here are some awesome hacks to you to follow when your cousin’s wedding is just around the corner.

Cousins love
Cousins love ❤

Perfect kanchivaram right at your Doorstep

A boon for working cousin’s and especially NRI’s, who don’t time to choose your classic kanchivaram.Your favourite silk stores like Nalli , pothy’s, Rmkv now have a fully functional online stores.

Not only these, bench mark kanchipuram stores like Prakash silks and Pachaiyappa’s silks also are into the online shopping segment.

With an Added in-house Tailoring facility available, saree shopping is no more troublesome.

Matching-matching could be a nightmare

Obviously you don’t want to wear sari similar to the one your cousins and even more horrific,when you wear the same color!!

Take time out and discuss with your kinships regarding the outfit you chose and what others are planning. This way you can make sure everyone looks unique.

Group Packages to look Gorgeous

Do your fair bit of research and book Group packages for Mehendi, fresh flowers, makeup and styling.

You can surely close some great deals without burning a hole in your pocket.

Matchy matchy poola jadalu
Matchy matchy poola jadalu

Exchange your jewellery with your cousins

You can be easily bored of wearing the same old Addigai for all the pre wedding and wedding ceremonies. On the other hand it is not suggestible to spend thousands of rupees on new ornaments.

Try swapping your jewellery with your cousins (if they are willing to). It’s would definitely be a win –win on both sides

Plan that perfect gift- Together

Unable to decide over the handout for you cousin’s happily ever after?

All that presents you consider are way above your budget?

Team up with your pals and make a combined contribution to get zeroed down on a much meaningful gift.

Give me a Selfie pulla!! click!!!

Can’t get enough of selfies and the photographer too busy to capture your craziness?

Borrow or Rent out a good DSLR and hang it around to a ‘photo freak’ bearded cousin at the wedding.

He can click you as many pictures as you wish, without complaining.

All smiles at cousin's wedding
All smiles at cousin’s wedding

Last but not the least….

Smile….it’s the most inexpensive way to improve your looks.

Keep smiling throughout, coz you never know when your perfect candid portrait is captured.

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