Eco friendly returns gifts which would steal your heart from Kottanz

Weddings are auspicious occasions which are meant to be a blessing to everyone who attend it.Let us include our mother earth also to be part of it. A little effort is all it takes to plan an eco -friendly wedding and you would only be left with tons and tons of blessings and satisfaction for being a responsible human.

When sustainability is the key for the new age weddings I take an immense pride in introducing you to Kottanz. One cannot really stop themselves from appreciating the effort these are guys are putting in to provide these traditional and hand made return gifts and favours.

Weaved baskets from Kottanz

As the name suggests team kottanz are into making handmade Palmyrah products.From mobile pouches to sweet baskets . From Potli bags to shagun envelopes, they just have everything you need. And all thanks to their efforts that all theproducts are 100% handmade and eco friendly as they are made out of palm leaves and jute .

If you have a doubt in mind w.r.t to the designs and colour options, you would be absolutely blown away by the vibrant colour options you would get to choose from.

Here are some of our picks which are uber chic and could easily make it to your wedding list.

These hand woven ‘olai petti’ are so colorful and vibrant that you would definitely want to grab one.They are great for presenting  Tambulam and blouse bits and we promise that your guests would surely love them.

Palmyrah boxes from kottanz
Palmyrah boxes from kottanz

These hand women storage boxes bring back so many memories. It takes me down  memory lane where my wooden toys from srirangapatnam were packed in boxes like these.It is an absolute delight to watch them come back to life and these would a great choice as return gifts for haldi ceremony.

olai petti from kottanz

Who doesn’t have a mobile phone in this generation?  Let your guests carry them in style with these stunning palmyrah pouches and make them go WOW.

mobile pouches from kottanz
mobile pouches from kottanz

Jute bags are surely in trend, but kottanz took it to a whole new level with these checkered patterned bags and their detailing with the colorful pom-poms are surely not to miss.

Jute bags from Kottanz
Jute bags from Kottanz

As I excitedly typed away regarding all their products, let me mention to you that they are open as direct stores in Bangalore , Delhi , Kolkata,Mumbai, Hyderabad and Guwahati. Hit a like on their Fb page to follow them and to order your return gifts with just a click.

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