Fabulous Decor Captures by Studio A.

Most of Indian wedding photography shots are of people, the bride, the groom and their relatives, friends, guests and rituals. True, this, after all, is what a wedding is all about! This is  what we mainly see when we open a wedding album.

Weddings, though, are mostly packed full of other visual details besides the rituals and people. Like Colorful flowers and leaves, the decorations help make a wedding and album look beautiful, and again they will have taken a lot of time, effort and energy to prepare.

We introduce today Studio A – India’s finest premium wedding photography & film making team. They understand your dreams & capture memories, creatively. Here are some magical captures of Decor by “StudioA – Amar Ramesh and Team”, and how beautiful pictures turned out, when decor is included as a part of bridal portraits and wedding photography


Beautifully captured mandap!
Simply loving  ceiling and the mandap design captured in the single beautiful frame.

Capturing memories for lifetime!

Capturing the carnival of lights with enthusiasm and zeal.

It’s amazing how a this bridal portrait turned out beautiful with inclusion of flowers and parrots!

Elegance and all smiles!

Photos are a important  part for the bride and groom’s big day . So much time is spent in preparation and decor to make a wedding look beautiful that it would be a mistake not to preserve some of this in the wedding album

Studio A makes each capture, a stunning experience for your big day. With exclusive equipment to capture wedding decor in grandeur, and On-Time Reviewsby clients,  Studio A is one of the best choice for your wedding photography.

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