Fashion inspiration from Prabha, the sister of the Bride

It is extremely important to look presentable at any time for any person. As they say “first impressions are the best impressions”. Well, people might contradict and argue on perceptions. But, best looks boosts confidence in any person. Besides, it is a feel good factor.

This applies to looks at weddings too. Everyone decks up to perfection, to add colours to the event. While some follow latest trends and fashions, very few create a style. One of such trend setter is “Prabha Ravichandran”. Does the name sound familiar? Yeah! She is the same girl whom featured on our site last year for her astounding bridal looks. This year she is the sister/cousin of the bride. I must say she rocked the show again!!

The choice of colours and combinations that Prabha picks up are vivid and vibrant. The  contrast colours she picked are some deadly combination like black and pink, Orange and off white, violet and orange, yellow and Pink…etc. This style queen chose minimal jewellary in all her looks and looked absolutely elegant.

Prabha bought her sarees from Deepam – Bangalore, Samayak – Bangalore, PSR-Coimbatore. Prabha being a fashion designer herself, she designed all her blouses and jewellary.  She got the blouses stitched from Mantra design studio –Coimbatore as per her choice. The alluring jewellary she wore were custom made as per her designs by Sumangali – Coimbatore and Kirthilal- Coimbatore.

Kaathyayini Maggam Work Blouses

My personal favourite of her dressing is her hairdo. Her braid reminds me of the beautiful braid of Rapunzel in a Disney movie. The chaplets that she wore were made from the flowers of her garden.  She gives her make up credits to Senthil and Hair style to Ben Ben.


This scintillating sister of the bride is giving everyone some fashion and bridesmaids goals.

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