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Five susceptible ideas for an eco-friendly wedding

Are you a nature lover? Do you strive and support eco-friendly ideas and products? Are you intending to contribute to go-green cause?

If you fall in any of the categories above or another important category called sane human, we recommend you to follow below ideas at your wedding and contribute to saving our planet.

Ban use of plastics: My dear Junta, do I need to talk about this. Scientists, environmentalists, countries are shouting for this cause. The least you can do is to stop using plastic cups, glasses, plates or any other paraphernalia made of plastic. You can rely on options like banana leaves, steel, porcelain or crockery sets instead. When towns can go plastic less, then why can’t weddings become plastic free?

Colorful palm leaf decor
 Colorful palm leaf decor

Go for eco-friendly decor: We all love colours and vivid hues. There are lovely shades in natural flowers, leaves. They cause no harm to anyone but diffuse mesmerising aroma. Jasmines, marigold, lillies, tulips, coconut leaves, banana leaves.. etc go for your choice and experiment combinations. Wondering how to go about it. Well! BE has already thought about it. Read here to know few excellent ideas.

Few lives are beneficial when they are alive and dead. Used flowers can be utilised in making soaps, perfumes, compost and many.

Reduce usage of unnatural flowers, rubber ballons, plastic sheets and decoratives.

Palm leaf elements as for Decor
 Palm leaf elements as decor

Save electricity: “Arrey Bhayya! Lighting pura building pe lagao!! Chamak na chahiye pure galli mein”.

I know what you are thinking about. Common on !! it is Wedding in the family and how can we not celebrate it without great lights. Agreed, you should! but keep a check on the number of lights required. How does it make sense to turn on lights in the corners with no human activity. Don’t forget to turn off all of them when day light sweeps in.

Minimize noise pollution: Weddings are fun and frolic with music and dance. Just one thing to keep in mind.. Restrict volume to your house or the place where the event is happening. Loud music, Heavy DJ’s, annoying bharaat troupe just tickle the insanity in me and at times compell me to get into fights. So, a humble advice to keep people like me away is to know your boundaries and stick to the cut off timings.

Before jumping to the next one, we should also discuss about the ridiculous crackers people burn in the name of celebration. Noise pollution, air pollution, dirtying the roads.. is there any good that they do? Think .. think

Save water: We have come to a stage where we buy drinking water. I can’t imagine our future. Every drop is significant and needs to be saved. Water used for washing and cleaning can be diverted to plantations.

Minimize usage of water. Both from the wells and the eyes! Because it is another family that is getting added.

Are these so difficult? Not at all, very achievable and viable ideas. These may be expensive, cost-effective, easily available, rare. But when there is a will, there is a way. This is fun coupled with the cause. Undoubtedly at the end following these ideas will not only satitate your love for nature but you will also be an inspiration to many.

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