Five tips for Courtship Period

Of all the great things that happen during the wedding in arranged marriages, courtship period is something to cherish for a life time. Getting to know the person you are going to love, likes and dislikes, dates and dinner with the soon to be family and partner is not less than an excitement. We keep hearing stories of how beautiful their courtship period was or how bitter it turned out-leading to calling off of weddings. Here are five courtship tips to help you take your bonding to another level.

 Photography by Karan Soma

Have Quality conversations: You need not talk hours and hours or meet everyday. But eventually if you talk for few minutes or meet once in a while, share your work experiences, travel experiences, goals and lighthearted humour.

Understand each other: One cannot be defined by the assets they posses, degrees they have or diamonds they wear. A person at heart is beyond what an eye can see. So, try to understand one’s moods, thought process, strength and weaknesses.

Keep questioning limited: An individual has grown without you for atleast 25 years of age. You are entering now, and the fact is you are only trying to understand. So, stop questioning about their friends, habits, attire and stop giving unsolicited advices. It can turn offensive at times. Take it slowly. Convey in a subtle way of what you think but don’t force one to change all of sudden.

Kamal Kiran Photography

Know about the family: You are not just entering into your partner’s life but also into a family. Even if the family try to make you comfortable and accept your tantrums, that may not work in the long term. Moreover, that is not a sign of healthy relationship. Therefore, start knowing about the family from your end too like the rituals, customs, close friends, extended family ..etc

Sit and Sort things: It is quite often that you find differences in arranged marriages right from the wedding rituals. If you genuinely like each other and are willing to take an oath to stay together, before things get escalated between your elders, make them sit and understand how important it is for you both to get married and how minor are the rituals and customs. Show them the bigger picture of marriages, forever bondings and love.

Kamal Kiran Photgraphy
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