For the bride,With Love !

Your wedding is around the corner and you are planning a lavish Indian wedding. Your mission is to  work out smoothly all the arrangements.
But you start panicking when you think  about your gorgeous wedding outfit, the jewellery, the bridesmaids’ outfit, what will your family wear…do you have the time to go on endless shopping trips? Do not panic, just have a glass of wine and relax while you read through how you can shop online, without losing your cool and without leaving the comfort of your home.
Also no one wants to see an exhausted bride. is a portal who can help the bride and all the ladies for their wedding need for jewellery.

But here is how things work about  ,when you place an order online.
Dhanya Sri  of The Raw Silk Bangles says that “We mostly receive orders through social media channels now a days and we have catered to more than 50 lovely brides in the last year itself and the number is increasing.First thing we do is  a small consultation  where we consider few details , we ask them to choose model from my designs and we  customize according to their saree and blouse .Its a team work, we also consider clients suggestions. After the colour and design is short-listed then comes the size chart where the size is confirmed. We help them by providing some details regarding measurements ,so they can easily measure their sizes at home.Later fabric and work is decided. As soon as everything is decided we start working on the bangles. We keep following up with the client on the status update and by sharing  pictures.We can thus make alterations there itself.And thus dispatch takes place.There is continuous interaction with the client till the dispatch.”

For experiencing the lovely service you can contact Dhanya  of ‘silk thread Jewellery’ and follow her lovely Facebook page for her latest designs Raw Silk Bangles.

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