Themed weddings are trending. All the couples are going an extra edge to be different, unique and better than others. It is very unfortunate  that most weddings generate a ton of waste. Very rarely we think about these consequences.

It’s also rare to find people who go beyond stereotypes to  support a cause. But there are so many  things we  can do to make  weddings  green. Little things make a huge difference.

PC: Eventz by Vaishnave

Here are some Eco – friendly ideas which you can incorporate in your wedding and make a mark as a responsible citizen.

PC: Taamara Taamara
PC: Eventz by Vaishnave

Less harm to the environment and yet have a very  glamorous wedding. All the props used in the wedding are made of flowers , leaves and stems.

PC: Naga Sai Teja Photography

Isn’t this parrot decor very cute! They make great designs for the wedding mandap.  The good old parrot is now seen as symbol of contemporary India and spotted mostly at wedding photo booths.

PC: Devisatish Photography
PC: Yeluguri EntertainmentDedhepya Decor

More use of flowers, jute and leaves make your decor pocket friendly. Looks cool and makes amazing backdrops. There is no change in the impact.

PC: Eventz by Vaishnave

Without sacrificing on your budget, you an get attractive, earth friendly and biodegradable decor . We can use this decor for indoor and outdoor  weddings and functions, generating less pollution. Using the  local and seasonal flowers we can  ensure the freshest, best quality  and the best price.

In recent trend we see couple turning eco – friendly . We  hope more couples  turn  eco-conscious, after all eco friendly does not mean compromise on quality.

Let us all Reduce, Recycle and Reuse!