Bridal Anklets

Gold everywhere – Anklets in Gold

Our love for gold knew no bounds. From maang tikka to toe rings, we have re-created all the accessories in our favourite metal “gold”. Although, it is silver that comes to our mind when we talk about “Payal”, anklets crafted in gold are also enchanting.

Bridal Anklets
Anklet designed with gold and pearl beads

Anklet with gold and pearl beadsDue to gold’s flexible property, it can be moulded to make intricate and delicate designs. Moreover, gold is only and one of its kind of metal that can be carved with other precious ornaments like gems, stones, emeralds, diamonds, pearls, rubies..etc. The most beautiful thing about gold is that it can be passed on to future generations or can be re-modelled into another interesting jewellary piece.

Bridal Anklet
Bride in beautiful gold anklet

In today’s busy world, corporate life style, girls don’t prefer wearing anklets every day. In such case, gold anklets can be matched with your other jewellary and worn in different ways.

Anklets with beads or with fancy hangings can be worn as bracelets. Anklets with heavy stone work can be doubled as a choker coupled with few extension rings if required. Gold anklets made with hanging peals can be worn as “Maati” during festive season or when you wear heavy earrings. Simple meenakari anklets can be matched with a locket and adorned as “Maang tikka”.


Bridal Ankle
Bracelet model anklet

So, next time you plan to purchase gold anklets, you can ask your customize the design with extra rings, hooks, extension options so that you can double it and wear in various ways.

Bridal anklet
Stone embellished anklet
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