Here is makeup Artist who can help you Depict Tales with your beautiful eyes :Sai Raj

“Beauty is what you feel on the inside and it reflects in your eyes.”

Actress Sophia Loren quoted this a while ago and how could we even deny it? You may be silent but your sparkling  eyes speak a million words.And for our beautiful brides ,eyes are an ocean of emotions.

For all those above stated reasons having an artistic eye makeup on your D day is a must.I reassure that it is a way to depict a beautiful tale of love with just your eyes.

Okie!! I heard you. Where to find that that perfect artist who could give you those attractive eyes? I have the answer to your questions!!

Subtle Eye makeup by MASK

I am much elated to introduce you to Sai Raj , a Virtuoso makeup artist who runs the renounced  Mask Makeup studio which is based out of Hyderabad.His team set out on a mission to give some amazing makeovers to all the brides out there.

With years of valuable experience in terms of bridal makeup and being Go-To  artist for many modelling photo shoots, Sai Raj specialises in Eye-makeup.

Sai Raj is one of those who is skilled enough to understand that every one is unique and he exactly knows what suits his cleint’s the best.

And to believe me ,you must definitely looks at these beautiful portraits of brides with amazing eye makeup  -sculpted by Sai Raj .

Do I even need to say about this picture? It just awe-inspiring isn’t it?

Beauty of the aqua eyes by Mask makeup
Beauty of the aqua eyes by Mask makeup

The moment you raise eye lashes to meet you partner’s gaze , can’t get any better with these beautiful eyes .

Bride's gaze- Eye make-up by Sri Raj
Bride’s gaze- Eye make-up by Sri Raj
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Brides and gold. Inseperable right!! So how do you like these impeccable gold hued eyes?

Golden hued eyes by Mask Makeup
Golden hued eyes by Mask Makeup

Having said that, I know your are curious how to reach him. They are available on facebook as Mask Makeup . Give a thumps up and follow their updates and for Booking the team is available on +91-9032361082 , +91-7207000970.

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