Human Hair Extensions vs Synthetic Hair Extensions.

Now a days it is difficult to differentiate between either synthetic hair or human hair.
We can say synthetic hair have come a long way. It can be worn right out of the box with little or no styling and easy to care for. It holds its style no matter what the weather.  And also easy on the pocket (3000-4000 Rs).

However, they lack of shine and give a less natural appearance than the human hair.  Gives a dull appearance and the hair colour may not match your hair texture.

When it comes to synthetic hair, durability is not more than 4-5 uses on an average.
Unlike synthetic hair, human hair can be coloured, permed and styled just like your own natural hair. How cool is that! They come in a variety of textures and can exactly match your own hair’s texture. There are a many scalp options to get an extremely natural look which also last for around a year.

Human hair being harvested from an actual human head it is expensive than synthetic hair.
Human hair simply feels superb and looks incredibly natural.

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A happy client who reviewed on their Facebook page said “Out of all the hair extensions available… This is one is THE BEST! They claim its original hair…. And i guess it is…. The feel u get by wearing it and touching it will prove its originality…. Am writing this review almost after using it for 4months…. Its really awesome… I have done some layer cut in it to much with my hair style.. And its perfect. In my cousin’s wedding and some other function i wore nobody realised it a extension.. Even me too forgot am wearing it.. Its comfort level too good…. And not to forget the service from seller… She is a brilliant lady with extra awesome service… I had problem with my first hair… She send me another a new one (no extra charge) … And moreover she will guide u step by step before purchasing which is great as i was very confused abt the length color etc…. Without any doubt buy gracious me! U wont regret it. The after sale service and the product is equally too good!! Am really loving it!!! ”

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