Bridal Portraits

It’s high time we stop shaming and shying away from ordinary weddings!!

The fast paced lives that we all now live in, we are constantly working on increasing our productivity, getting the most out of everything and rise up on the corporate ladder. While all our hard work is quite some growth at a personal level and for the country, aren’t we the ones who are constantly look back to our mediocre past, slow paced lives and considering/labeling them as “Good old days”.

Trust me, this is applicable across every aspect in life. Outdoor games and Board games are now replaced by Ipads, Vacations to your native villages are now replaced with touring the world!! All for good and glory, this theory is truly applicable to Wedding ceremonies too, which are termed as “Grand” or “Larger than life”. The context of low key weddings fondly reminds me of my parent’s wedding which was held at an ancestral temple at my native place. Their wedding was very similar to how our last generation took their wedding vows. One photographer and a videographer available locally (the only ones available in a 50 mile radius), food for about 300-400 people cooked and served by the family members themselves. Bride and her friends decorating her wedding accessories who also doubled as hairstylists and makeup artists. Mehendi prepared fresh out of leaves from the backyard.Probably they never had sangeet/Mehendi ceremony, but they did sing songs together while making her a Bride.Decor picked up fresh from agricultural farms and local markets.

While all of these above bring such good memories and smiles on your face, so much that you share them on Instagram and other social media terming them as “vintage weddings”, why are we now shying away from such sweet low-key weddings. But saying that I am by no means opposing all the BIG-FAT Indian Weddings, however I am only trying to remind that wedding styles from the previous generations too are too cool and unique to practice even at this time and era. Also now, when we talk about minimalistic, Intimate , plastic-free and Zero waste weddings, aren’t we not going back to our very roots for references and practices. Strikingly seems that the ordinary is the new cool.

All the videos and stories being posted as inspirational weddings in this Gen, shouldn’t we be proud to acknowledge the fact that our ancestors all had these zero waste/low impact weddings? Having said all this and as the title goes, do not shy away from having a low-key wedding because of the peer pressure or ‘log kya kahengi’ syndrome. Find your tribe via various forums online and find you heart’s calling!!


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