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As Brides essentials is growing with all your support, we are majorly happy for one reason, that we are now a platform for entrepreneurs who have a strong mettle and yet who din’t receive the required limelight. *yes the shashi moment in English Vinglish!!*
Here we are today, talking about some real life success stories and how these young entrepreneurs, majorly women who are reaching new scales in the wedding industry. I can really bet that they would leave you inspired with a new wave of energy.
So for today’s Interview series we picked up Kaathyayani designer works, ace wedding blouse designers in Hyderabad. I spoke to her few months back when we wanted to feature her works in Brides essentials. We were blown by the quality of he intricate works they design and now after a detailed talk with her we understood all the hurdles they crossed to be in a position that they acquired now. So, here are the details regarding the success story of Anitha Sudharshan from Kaathyayani Designer works.
latkans made by Kaatyayani designer wor
latkans made by Kaatyayani designer works
Tell us a little about your self. Your interests, Your previous work experiences?
I come from a traditional Telugu family, born and brought up here in Hyderabad. Since childhood  I was always drawn into women’s fashion. I followed my heart, I learnt tailoring and hand embroidery and started experimenting. My dad too, who encouraged me in every turn. After marriage, my husband too supported in everything I did and It was actually him who encouraged me to start it as a business.
When did you start Kaathyaynini Designer works?
We started Kaathyayini Designer Works couple of years ago at my residence with hardly enough space. We ran it just had two workers at home as we handled  local residence community  orders and few online orders. Though we start as a very tiny industry, we  never comprised on quality. We always believed that actions speak more than work and that proved to be true with us. Our Quality works are what bought us more customers and we continue to provide the same quality across all the designs we do.
In trend elephant motifs
In trend elephant motifs
What was the reason behind starting a boutique on your own?
My husband had lot of trust in my skill set and passion that I had on designing. He wanted me to do something big than to confine to a home or a locality. I strived to keep his trust and we are here as “Kaathyayini Designer Works” as he continued to support me. Now,He handles all the social media presence activities including photography.
cut work blouse
How is the journey so far and what are your future plans?
So far so good. Owning a business is like taking care a baby. There endless sleepless nights during peak seasons where in strived to deliver our works with the same promised quality and as you can see, it all paid off. Our future plans are to increase our reach Online and to expand our operations in other cities providing the best quality works and stitching.
What are the current trends with respect to ordering designer works, bridal outfits?
The current trend is inspiring in fact and sky is the limit for imagination. I can quote an experience here. We got a enquiry on facebook asking for bridal designer blouse wherein the customer asked whether we can do maggam work representing Bride and Groom exchanging garland on the blouse. Customer was pleased the way we immediately sketched few designs. We took utmost care in doing that order. It was not a regular maggam work, it was like drawing monalisa on blouse piece :). We delivered it on time with in high quality. The Botton line is that Customers are now the best fashion designers. They watch the world and come up with new ideas and we handle them perfectly.
parrot motif maggam work
parrot motif maggam work
What was the main reason behind starting a you tube channel with tutorials ?
Well, as you see in the market, our work images were being used by some other boutiques by replacing with their labels. Looking at our work quality few people also asked us “Are those work pictures surely yours?”. We were taken aback by all these comments. Then we understood we should come up with an approach where we can show our work quality and at the same time make these videos available to the beginners searching for videos. A you tube channel seemed to be promising and now we have more than 2300 subscribers with 5.4 Lacs video views in just 4 months.
Thread work from Kaatyayani

That’s how the sweet lady  signed off with a smile. Having said that I know you would all want to rush to them. Well, they welcome you with a sweet smile at Shop# 3, Plot# 13, Shanta Estates ,Next to Vellanki Foods, Beside Axis Bank,
Motinagar X Roads, Hyderabad – 500018. As they deliver all across India, People who are not in Hyderabad can order online on 8978667588.

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