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While you all await for updated reviews/tips every week across various aspects of planning your dream wedding, we on the other side, scrutinize all the works, choose and try to to publish the best of them. However, this one today is going to be very distinctive, coz, this Guy probably views the world through lens and he pursued his Degree in photography from the New York Institute out of passion and we bumped into the chance of reviewing him. This is the only time we felt so inundated and we are definitely carrying pride in this. He is none other than Abhinav Sagar. For most of you, this name is something every to-be bride is familiar with, however let us share few things which make him an Institution when it comes to Event/Wedding Photography.As speaker at TEDx, he is someone you gotta know about.

A capture from Abhinav Sagar


There is one thing which makes him stand apart from the huge crowd of photographers is his technique of using light in his photography.
If you observe his timeline of pictures, you would see a lot of pictures mostly shot in natural light. Be it silhouettes or just a closeup, he would ensure that its mostly captured in a natural way. And we really cant stop being obsessed over those incredibly detailed photographs.


There was also one thing that caught our attention while we were getting to know more about his works. He is an event photographer and is the part of team for Trivikram’s celluloid Agnatavasi which he recalls it as a truly humbling experience and a dream come true moment.

Fun shoot with couple

His notable works are something which go out of counting the fingers on palms, however the biggest has been working for Paritala Sri Ram and Gnana’s engagement and wedding Ceremony. With over 2 lakhs guests at the wedding venue, he still made sure that his pictures spoke of the holy matrimony in a intimate way and the Pomp of the wedding in a regal way.

The Paritala family wedding

We wanted to showcase one Bridal portrait fromvAbhinav Sagar as he admits that he loves Bridal Portraits. And then, we came across his picture of this bride. One of his sweet subscriber posted “Lots of pictures portray beauty, grandeur and charm. But this one has out beaten everything as it emotes the joy and pain of the bride at the same time..???? Abhinav Sagar great job.” Well we couldn’t agree for more as she beautifully put it into words.

Bridal Potrait by Abhinav Sagar
A lovely candid from Abhinav Sagar

This time as we want his works do the talking, we sign off now, but make sure you do follow him on facebook at Abhinav Sagar Photography and instagram @abhinavsagar.

The man behind the Lens
Beautiful couple Portrait