Kobbari Bondam ideas for your wedding!

Kobbari Bondam or the tender coconut is a very important part of Telugu Wedding .The bride carries it to the mandapam , in the form of lord’s blessings. Coconuts are used as a symbols of “Shagun” for the ceremony which indicates the strong tie between the newly married couple as well as their families.

Ganesha Themed Kobbari Bondam. Lord Ganesha is the god of Success and is known as the remover of obstacles, so what a best theme to chose for the best start of a new life, isn’t it?

PC-Joshua Komanapalli

Names on the Kobbari Bondam gives a customized and special touch by adding names of the bride and groom in the heart shaped design.

PC-Flying Shutters Photography

You can choose the pair of coconuts, let your groom shine too!

PC-Sumutharam Photography

Heavy and magnificent design for complementing the outfit with the kobbari bondam . This is the best match with detail design.

Peacock themed kobbari Bondam.

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