Latest Kasulaperu designs

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

In this article, we shall look into different Latest Kasulaperu designs.

Kasulaperu also popularly known as Kasumala is number of kasus attached by strings. These Kasus can have different goddess/god embossed on them most popular one is Lakshmi Kasu mala.

Kasulaperu is very popular among south Indians. This ageless design always looks fabulous right from new born to elderly ladies. Studies say it is the most inherited piece of jewelry. It never goes out of fashion. In recent times, we have noticed kasumala adorned by many celebrities.

We believe, Kasulaperu is a must have for every bride. It shall serve as a staple piece of jewelry helping you achieve different looks at ease.Here we present you different kasumala designs

Traditional/Long kasula peru:

Tightly oven intricate design of long kasumala is most popular one which we see today. This design is typically characterized with Lakshmi kasus. Pair this up with a simple necklace or wear it as a statement piece, it will turn heads for sure. 😉

Kasulaperu with Pendant:


Kasulaperu with Pendant has been very popular these days. Traditional Kasulaperu with a beautiful pendant hooked gives a complete look. Skip adding necklace with this design 🙂 If you own/going to inherit  a kasulaperu for your wedding and looking to spice it up?, This alteration would be fabulous (talk to your goldsmith today).


Modern Long chains with Kasus:

Long chains with Kasus attached have been popular these days. This is for unusual bride who looks for a twist in tradition 😉 Check out these popular designs

Kasulaperu Necklace:

Kasulaperu necklace is another popular statement piece that comes with pendant as well. One is enough to add humongous charisma on you 😉


Double Layered Kasumala:

Name itself says about this design. This sure adds grand look 🙂


Hope you have some interesting ideas on kasulaperu designs now 🙂

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