Latest models in Kanchivaram sarees you would not want to miss!!!

Our favourite Kanchivaram sarees have history dating back to the Vedic period. The Kanchipuram weavers are said to be the descendants of sage Markanda who was the master weaver for Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. These sarees with such divine significance are a must in any South Indian wedding.

Rich colours with contrast border, Mountains designs, temple sculpture designs are few of the significant models of Kanchivaram sarees. These weaves which are richly handcrafted in silk , silver and gold threads have never been replaced by any other weaves.

Kaathyayini Maggam Work Blouses

It is always amazing to see how Kanchipuram weavers get their inspirations from, Rudraksha, Peacocks, swans , sculptures on temple walls or even Ravi varma paintings. For the current wedding season too ,there are some wonderful models of Kanchi sareees in store for you.

Long border kanchi sarees

These 12-18 inch long border sarees are stealing the show in this wedding season.This heavy borders which were a trend in 1980-1990’s are now back in trend with much finer designs.Lakshmi Manchu also flaunted her 18 inch long border saree for her brother’s wedding recently.They are mostly weaved in peacock and coins are vertical butas and a this long border saree from Kumari collections has two peacock border on the top and bottom.Spectacular isn’t it?

Long border sarees
Ms Pink Panther


Muggu or kollam are carefully and finely drawn by women in south Indian families in front of their homes before dawn. These designs which add a beauty your home’s entrance, are now adorned by kanchi sarees. Various designs and colors  of these muggu collections are now available in stores.

Muggu/Kollam Collection


Randham as every one knows means Chariot. We spotted few sarees in the Radhavahanam designs and they look every bit regal. If you are planning to own this beautiful saree of Radhavahanam design , they are now available in Hyderabad with Kumari collections.

Radhavahanam collection

Vanasiringaram collection

This collection is intricate and is heavily women with zari forming designs of creepers, birds and flowers like in a garden. The designs are so carefully woven that it takes about a month to weave a pure Vanasringaram saree.

Vansringaram collection

Kora/ organza  slik kanchipuram sarees

These sarees are extremely light weight. The body cloth is usually weaves in checkered/ butas design and the border is in contrast colour kanchipuram border.If you are someone who don’t want your saree to weigh you down you can definitely opt for this.

Kora/Organza collection

Half and Half designer sarees

For Women who are a starters who are new into wearing sarees, we suggest you these half and half designer sarees .This would give you the look of a half saree and would help you in not looking older than your actual age (Hack revealed!!!)

Half and Half saree collection
Half and Half saree collection

If you are in love with all the sarees shown above, then show it by clicking a like on the Facebook page of Kumari collections and grab all of them before they are gone.You can reach them on mobile on 8686090905

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