Silver Anklets

Latest trends in Silver Anklets

Silver also chemically known as Argentum is a significant part of our lives since the ancient times. Wearing “metal of antiquity” has several health benefits like healing properties, skin formation, harmonizational effects on all over the body parts, controlling blood pressure..etc. For its numerous benefits, Indians have made this metal jewellary a part of their attire, the most well known of all is the Silver anklet. Let’s look at few trending designs in silver anklets.

A simple plain design with no clamorous beads is an evergreen model as these can be carried on with ease on a regular day too.

Kundan/stone embellished anklets are in fashion when it comes to new generation brides. Glistening stones in various shapes add beauty to the beautiful silver metal.

Stone Anklets
Stone embellished Silver Anklets

Anklets with peals droplets are another variety that makes our hearts melt. Silver and pearl blend is an attractive combination that looks well for any skin tone and is easy to maintain.

Traditional kada model anklet

As antique pieces of jewellery is common these days, heavy silver anklets with antiques finishings are one of the beat designs that gives richness and can also be doubled as a choker.

Mirror anklet
Contemporary anklet design

Brides who want to match their anklets with their gold jewellery but don’t want to invest in gold or wear gold ornaments on their feet, they can go with silver anklets with gold coating.

The demand for silver jewellery is exponentially increasing these days and we do hope to see more varieties of silver anklets on near future.

Silver Anklets
Heavy Silver Anklets
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