Latest Varmala Designs Which you cant afford to miss this wedding Season

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

We shall talk today about Garlands and their significance. Also, read on to get some inspiration for stunning garlands made with precious stones and decorative kundans.

Garlands are of high importance in our weddings. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to mention that wedding will not be complete without garlands. At some point you must have wondered why are garlands so important? We put down a few points answering how it started and what is it’s significance.

During good old times, where “Swayamvara” was tradition, princess put garland on prince she liked as a sign of her choice. This tradition continued to what we see today 🙂

Garlands signify wife and husband relationship. Flowers signify youth and fineness in life and Thread signifies the bond.Youth and Fineness fade away like flowers with time, it is Bond between wife and husband that holds forever 🙂

Garlands add lot of beauty on wedding day. Garlands have evolved from bulky Lilly ones to gorgeous rose petals ones and much more.. Here we present you with next generation idea for garlands by adding , you could steal these ideas for your wedding day and make everyone talk about it 😉

  1.  Kundan motifs to accent garland

2. Lines of precious stones:

3. Combination of different colored flowers with motifs in between:

Hope you have some wonderful ideas on garland for your big day 🙂

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