Memorable events with Jeevitha Decor.

Weddings in India have become a crucial affair.Elegant stage decor, white and lilac with white ferns and double sofa seating, stage backdrop, colored lighting, white and lavender, vintage,marigolds.These are the elements that help in thumping up the wedding spirit. The wedding backdrop decoration pays an important role  by itself.We come across  theme based decor now a days .
Planning a wedding need not be tiresome at all any more! Leave it to the Jeevitha Decor  who know what they’re doing.  Ever since time immemorial, the institution of marriage has held great significance, and this has made the process of weddings hold a lot of meaning too.

The grandeur effect !
For those who want to make it big.

The mesmerising red and white effect.

The drape mandapam.

The modern floral and lighting effect.



Beautiful lotus mandapam.

The stage , the ceiling and the entrance done together in the same  theme.



Jeevitha decors will help you to make your Event Special, Their expertise surely put your mind at ease and  assure to make your special Occasion most memorable.

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