New creative wedding decor ideas for the love of Green

Go green is the new buzz, from educational institutions to NGOs , from corporate to Individuals, everyone is inspired by this slogan.

So why not your wedding decor? I understand your confusion. Why choose green when you have some exuberant flowers in so many colors.Right?

Have you ever noticed that few wedding pictures look all monochrome in shades of pink or gold? That happens because your outfit, your lighting scheme and your decor were in the same color sync.Luckily,there is a hack to avoid that and make your pictures look bright. It’s Green.

Bride with a palm leaf background: Courtesy: The Con Artists

Let me explain why green should be your Go-to color  in terms of wedding decor.Firstly, for any major ceremony, you tend to choose your outfit in hues of gold and red. Be it peach, pink ,orange, yellow or mustard . And if you observe, there is only one contrast  color for all the above shades and that is green.

So, with this leafy shade on the background , you would have a perfect balance in color you can your be sure that pictures look every bit glistening.Apart from that your pictures would take a traditional avatar instantly.

Green door decor : Courtesy: Taamara Taamara

The auspicious mango leaves, huge palm leaves or even Banana leaves and stems can be used for your wedding decor to make it look every bit unique.Here are few wedding decor designs which will portray the magic of this nature’s shade.

Green and yellow themed wedding decor
Green and yellow theme: Courtesy: Taamara Taamara

While weaved palm decor is now a most opted option for haldi cermony and post-wedding vratam , you can also add a twist by planning it with Banana leaves.

Shilpa shetty kundra opted for a banana leaf backdrop for ganesh chaturdi at their home in Mumbai. I would say she has got a great taste and the arrangement looked absolutely divine.

Green decor at shilpa shetty’s home

So I am sure that you have now got all the right reasons to opt for a Green wedding decor.Lastly, here goes one more Green entrance decor for your Inspiration.

Entrance green Decor :  Courtesy: Candid Pictures
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