Offbeat Wedding Entertainment Ideas for The Modern Bride.

Offbeat Wedding Entertainment Ideas for The Modern Bride

Offbeat Wedding Entertainment Ideas for The Modern Bride

Move over the old-school orchestra, the only form of wedding entertainment in an Indian household for decades now. Weddings, without a doubt, are largely a time of tradition. But what the invitees will remember the most about your wedding is how it made them feel- a moving ceremony, the final bidaai and all of the fun revelries in between.
Therefore, if you just stick to the traditions, your wedding is going to have a hard time standing out from those taking place around the year. Read on to find out how you add a little bling to the most significant day of your life, making it more memorable to you and more fun for your guests.


Offbeat Wedding Entertainment Ideas for The Modern Bride

Now, who doesn’t love a photobooth? We all love posing for funky crazy snaps. And to make this even better- you could have one (or maybe a few to make it even more fun) at your wedding! You could also go crazy with themes even if your wedding itself doesn’t obey one. From simple booths with hung curtains, hanging props, faux framed wall, polaroid frame to cute speech bubbles- there are tons of things you could incorporate.

Jolly pictures in glamorous wedding attires? Count us in!

Disco Parties

Offbeat Wedding Entertainment Ideas for The Modern Bride

Another entrant on the list is a Disco floor; as is a photo booth, disco floors helps guests help themselves enjoy the event. Dance is the universal language of friendship and has been in service making people less awkward with each other since the beginning of time- so what better way to help your guests bond and the new ones more comfortable in the environment.

Also, another rage is silent discos- might seem weird and alien to your older relatives but something definitely worth a try. You could also try to make a playlist of yours and your film’s favorite songs, just ask family and friends of yours to each RSVP with a song.

Groove your way into your married life!


Add a little magic to your big day, literally.

Offbeat Wedding Entertainment Ideas for The Modern Bride
Credit: Scarlett entertainment

We invite clowns and magicians for birthday parties, why not for our marriages? They could totally turn the tide and help break the ice between guests. Capable of entertaining guests at large or ones in small groups, magicians will astound your invitees. The event will undoubtedly have slower moments— people waiting for food or when the others go dancing or while cake cutting- this is when the magic man can step in and entertain people. This will further grant an opportunity for your photographer to shift attention to the happy reactions of the guests while the bride and groom are otherwise occupied.

Caricaturist and Temp Tattoo

Offbeat Wedding Entertainment Ideas for The Modern Bride

Most of you will agree- adding goofy faces to your wedding reception is the ultimate gesture to offer your guests something fun to watch as well as handing them something special to take home. A caricature artist will entertain your invitees by drawing a live caricature of them right then and there- it also entertains others watching the process and excites kids too! Each piece will without a doubt bring a smile to everyone’s face and keep people super excited throughout the evening entertainment.

Any milestone marking the event for that matter- these temporary tattoos will be a permanent addition to your festivities. Party(temp) tattoos make great photo props, great bonding experiences, and ultimately the greatest of cherishable gifts, even if it is for a few days.

A Live Band

Offbeat Wedding Entertainment Ideas for The Modern Bride

Yes, yes I get it- it’s not really thinking out of the box with this one. But then who doesn’t love their favorite band performing at their wedding. Singing along and humming to your favorite songs being performed live for you on your special day definitely is worth the splurge (and definitely more innovative than having the good-ol orchestra). Music being the heart and soul of every celebration, a live band will not only help bring in the celebratory mood but will also set the stage for those otherwise conservative relatives of yours to shake a leg.

Request your songs and help others to music that you think is great.

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