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Palm leaf scripts to E-cards: The journey of wedding invitations

The aura of wedding invitations, the hungama that goes around the wedding invitations has never faded away even in this e-era. Tradition of invitations through a scripted medium dates back to as old as 5th century ever since the palm scripts came into existence. Over the centuries, these invitation cards, material used has evolved and we have been inventing easier and faster modes to convey the message. Here are the different types of invitations Indian culture has witnessed

Palm leaf Scripts:
These are the oldest means of communication modes used by humans in early civilizations. Although the procedure of picking the palm leaves, cleaning, drying, boiling, and then scripting was major task, owing to their long lasting nature, palm leaf scripts were used to for messages and ceremonial invites

Palm leaf
 Palm leaf Scripts

As civilizations evolved, humans discovered another interesting method of messaging and invitations that are based on cloth. Slowly, several designs were added. In the era of kings, invitations were written on these scrolls with intriguing floral designs, rectangle borders penned in gold or silver. The invitation scroll was sent along with the boxes of goodies, gifts, jewellary, fruits and flowers. The splendor of these scrolls bundled in a decorated thread is another validation of the grandeur in the bygone period.

Scroll invites
Scroll wedding invites


Paper based Cards:
With the invention of papyrus, a wide range of wedding cards came into existence. From a simple card with text to rich coloured cards calligraphed in brush letters and embossed pictures of gods, animals to the latest trend of caricature based cards have come a long way. As they say, creative has no bounds. Customizations in terms of content, structure, colors, size, shape and envelopes have become part of this trend.


Intricately designed wedding cards
Paper based Wedding Invitation Cards
Customized invites
Caricature wedding card

E-Mails/E-messages/Social Media:
Internet has become an integral part of our lives. In fast moving culture that we live in today, wedding invitations over emails, whatspp, facebook, instagram and social media channels is the most used method. However, the invitation has not lost its prominence. Few variants of invitations this generation has seen are

• Scanned paper cards
• Photographs of bride and groom with date, time and venue of the wedding
• Short videos of the couple with details of wedding
• Personalized AV messages
• Graphic pictorial invitations

Photograph Wedding Invitation
 Photograph Wedding Invitation

The types of wedding invitations transformed yet the importance, aesthetics, discussions is still relevant and will remain so until the culture of marriages exist of this Earth.

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