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Hello wonderful ladies,

Firstly, Team Brides Essentials want to thanks all of you ladies for being a part of this wonderful family.When we started BE as tiny group, our idea was to provide a platform for to-be brides to help them with all their wedding planning.And now, Brides Essentials, with all your support is one of the most successful group on Facebook. Not only that, we now have own our website to put forth Bridal ideas and Inspirations better.

While it has been an overwhelming journey  for our team, we would now want you to know of what exactly we do.Helping  all the brides to be the princess of their dreams had always been our top priority but apart from that, we at Brides Essentials we strive to!

  1. Promote small vendors: In the world of cut throat competition, being an entrepreneur is no easy feat. We understand how much these small vendors put into making a mark in the wedding industry.But sometimes how much ever exceptional they turn out to be, marketing has always been the toughest task for them. So, Brides essentials is now providing them with wonderful opportunities to promote their products and to help them increase their clientele.



  1. Reality check for the Brides:Every bride has her own wedding dreams and it is a very natural thing.But when it comes to reality, things are a lot more different. While women are proving successful in every field and setting new horizons, they are now inspiring us by breaking many stereotypes of Indian wedding, and all of it for good. So we aim at bringing forward to you such amazing stories, modern day thoughts so that you in turn be inspired to be a responsible bride.


  1. Wedding advice: Any one can bet that Indian weddings are the most happening events through out the world.They are all colourful and full of bling.But, just like in fashion, wedding industry in India too is now rapidly changing . New Wedding trends are now literally evolving at the blink the eye and we would never want our darling brides to miss out on the latest wedding trends.Our dedicated team does a lot of research on behalf of you, to provide only the best of the best wedding advice.


4. Up to date fashion: This has been everyone’s favourite, Kanchivaram to Ikkat sarees, Silk thread bangles to Imitation jewellery, all at one place with loads and loads of options, and all of them in your feed. Apart from staying up to date on fashion, you can also purchase them at the comfort of sitting at home. Its no less than an virtual visit to a wedding expo.bridesessentials_kanchipattu38

5. Explaining wedding rituals: In the world of globalization, Indians are spread across the world making their mark, but sometimes at the stake of traditions.TeamBrides essentials is now on a mission to explain our Indian heritage and the importance of these elaborate wedding rituals.We strongly believe that when you get to the reason behind these holy wedding rituals, you would definitely feel blessed to be born in a country like India!bridesessentials_pratyushas7

Now now that you know who we are and what we do, show us some love by giving a thumps up on our Facebook page and also follow the group for more of these interesting wedding news.

We are Team of 6 : Kalpana Rajesh, Vignesh Karthi, Vaishnavi Praveen, Tejasvi Goud, Poojitha Ravulapalli, Shradha Dab working on this website to give you an awesome wedding ideas and feel!

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