The “Bangle Bandhan” for all the Brides of India!!

Bangles in India need no description. It’s something even a lil’ girl is aware of. Irrespective of the religious and cultural differences, the bangles are loved by all. Though bangles are a very universal term, the have their diversity just like the Indian subcontinent. Everyone has their own cultural version of wearing bangles and let us now have a peep into it.

PC Dhanya’s

Zardosi wedding Bangles
Zardosi Wedding Bangles- PC Uday mallipudi photography

This one accessory which has its usage dating back to the Sindhi period of Civilization, is definitely going to last long as the human mankind. Made up of various metals and materials, let us look at how it is worn in various cultures.

Glass Bangles
Glass Bangles

For people in the south , Glass bangles are a common sight on every women’s arm. Red and Green bangles mixed with Gold Bangles is a famous combination. Even working women make sure they at least wear one bangle on their hand. Also, when a girl is about to get married, her parents would gift at least one pair of gold bangles and bless her with prosperity and happiness. They Bangles are worn post their wedding, every single day. Such is the significance.

Bridal Bangles
Bridal Bangles- PC Flying Shutter’s photography

While the Brides in the South Cannot miss to have at least one set of the glittering Glass Bangles of Charminar, Silk thread and Zardosi work bangles are slowly gaining significance across various ceremonies during the wedding.

These Bangles change quite a bit on their journey north. While Maharashtrian bride wear Bangles in Green, the other states either fall into the category of Lac/Ivory Bangles. In fact brides in Gujarat has a special ceremony where their uncle gifts Bangles to the Bride-to-be.

Floral Bangles
Floral Bangles: PC Pellipoolajada

Rajasthani women are always seen with Silver kadas and colorful bangles.These are now a rage across Indian and are must haves for any jewelry collectors vault.

And let me not forget the Iconic Shakha Pola of Bengal. In beautiful colors of Red and Ivory whites, I can definitely assure that these are the most unique bangles in India.

Glass Bangles
Glass Bangles

While everything is Huge and Larger than life in Pujab, the wedding choora is no exception. These Bangles usually in red and Ivory color are considered a must have for any punjabi bride and are atleast worn for a couple of months post wedding.

Whatever may be the tradition or design, the love for bangles is never ending.So let us keep the love alive and let the culture blossom.

Bridal Bangles- PC Colorframes Photography

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Cover photocourtesy: StudioA by Amarramesh

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