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Wedding trends in current generation change in a blink of the eye. Every family plans their wedding with utmost care such that it would be remembered  by your guests for a lifetime.

Hence came a need for creativity in every step of wedding planning from Welcome to Appagintalu ,everything is planned in a unique way and people are going places for the same.Pin interests,Facebook ,  loads and loads of pages on web are now serving as a gateway to new ideas.

On that note, have you ever heard of Interactive 3D  welcome carpets? Well, it sounds geeky and complex, but it is s definitely not as you assume. This is an absolutely unique and a new way to welcome your guests.

Want to know more about this Responsive wedding carpets? You would want to definitely check out the video provided here.

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3D carpets
3D carpets

Responsive carpets are usually censor based which respond on a person’s movement, just like in elevators.

All you need to set up this responsive carpet is a vinyl flex sheet and a censor enabled projector placed at a relative distance from the sheet.

When the censors and the graphic content is enabled, they are projected on to the Vinyl sheet,you would see stunning designs like walking in a pond, autumn leaves, bubble burst etc.

What’s is more interesting  is it is very simple to set up and can be planned everywhere you want to!!

Raju Entertainers designed this amazing Interactive floor carpets. It was born out of curiosity and a strong will make it a reality.Luckily, to all our delight they are now open for booking for weddings, parties and other family ceremonies at very affordable prices.

Not only these responsive carpets, they are into event planing too.They arrange Palanquin, Horses for Baraat, cultural programs like Dandiya at your wedding venue.

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