The craze for Grape Inspired Varamala is going places.Read to know more.

Earlier ,the Royal princess choose the Guy whom she would want to marry in a ceremony called Swayamvaram. She would walk down the aisle with a floral garland in her hand and put it across one of the prince whom she chose amongst hundreds of them. It’s her way to tell that she has chosen the Man of her life and the garland is said to be called the Varamala.

Varamala in the hands of the bride PC: Priyavision

The Varamala is still used in Indian weddings across all the rituals.Earlier the wedding garland was a simple one made of jasmines ,lillies or roses, but slowly these garlands has also seen various trends, from bulky heavy knots with silver strings to extremely light weighted ones made of rose petals. Now, while as we look for new options we found the grape vine inspired garlands unique.Checkthem out.

These garlands are primarily handmade with red rose petals weaved with the bottom side up and with other leaves and sequins entwined.

This particular bride has a great choice I say. She wore yellow for her wedding day and when it came to the garlands, she picked up the exact contrast colour which would highlight the her wedding outfit. Also she chose one garland as a full petal and the other as the grape inspired garlands and both of the floral strings beautifully complemented each other.


If you want to go for a traditional chunky garland and still incorporate the new Grape theme in your garland , this design is absolutely perfect for you.Part Grape theme and part chunky , coloured chrysanthemum and an absolute delight to the eye.

PC: Uday Mallipudi Photography

If you are still doubt about why choose Grape garlands, what you see here is out favourite Tamil ponnu Rayane Mithun who chose grape garlands for her Wedding reception. Simple, classy and elegant. She has got some taste isn’t it?

Rayane and Mithun in Grape Garlands
Rayane and Mithun in Grape Garlands

You can even get these garlands made in other shades such as pink, orange, and as many colours as your rose petals are available.

Pink coloured Grape Garlands
Pink coloured Grape Garlands

Hope you all liked the Designs. You can order these beautiful garlands from your local flower vendor, or order them from Pellipoolajada.

Stay tuned to Brides essentials for new Trends in Indian wedding. cheers!!

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