The Family which handpicks every Saree in their store: Kankatala

Consumerism and shopping, be it online at the click of your thumb or at the leisure of a multiplex mall, has now become an integral part in their life for every Indian. And with that came a lot of option and a whole window of fast fashion and unheard brands/stores.

However, there is something really special about choosing a family run business when it comes to high quality fabrics. Just like your Grandma still trusts a particular store for Hand spun saris. If we are precise, they would refer the store with the owners Surname and never do they refer to the store name. But in the present time, it is really hard to maintain the legacy through all the thick and thin and still be a pioneer in the Industry.

Kankatala flagship store in 1943

So, today we present to you one such Family run business which has accomplished major milestones by being both a Brand and also keeping their legacy intact. Kankatala. The name is as old as the Telugu Wedding Industry itself. Founded by late Sri Kankatala Appalraju garu, in 1943 for his passion towards high quality Fabrics, Kankatala is now very skilfully managed by their Third Generation Heirs who inherited the same love for delivering High end Products and Services to all their customers.That said, Kankatala boasts to be the first ever Sari showroom in Andhra Pradesh.

Kanchipuram saree from Kankatala

Every Sari from the Vault of Kankatala was and is so unique that their loyal customers turned to be their brand ambassadors and kept returning to their store for exclusive silk saris and Pavadas.

Pink Silver zari Kanchipuram saree from Kankatala

Earlier referred to as Kankatala Appalraju and Co, Kankatala now has multiplied to Seven 7 stores across the state and now servicing their customers through their online store too. And all this did not happen by just luck or just their Legacy. We have know many family run stores which couldn’t stand the test of time. Kankatala stands apart and so does their legacy.

Elegant pistachio green saree from Kankatala

There is a amazing reason why Kankatala stood strong through all of it untethered is, their eye for detailing and their love for quality. Did you know that every sari which goes into their physical stores/ online stores  is carefully examined by a member of Kankatala family and only after their approval is when they go into the racks. Such is the care taken by them. So the next time you walk into their store to make a purchase for your special occasion, you can be sure that is verified for its quality and purity. That ladies and Gentleman is Kankatala for you.

A heritage saree from the vaults of Kankatala

I am not exaggerating when I came across certain incidents where people who are familiar with Kankatala for a long time never really prefer going to Kanchi for their wedding shopping. They would simply tell me “Why travel all the way to Kanchipuram? We get everything here and we have been shopping this way for generations. Also when Kankatala stores all kinds of silk saris, why would you only choose Kanchipuram saris, that too with the over head burden of travel.”
This was a very personal experience to me when it came to my friends wedding. They stay near vizag and their family prefers no other store except Kankatala. I then understood how special these guys made every trip of their patrons memorable.

So, next time when it doubt, be it the 75 year old legacy Kankatala for your Shopping.

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