The hatke wedding cards to satiate the comic lover in you!!

Vivaah Patrika or Kalyana Pathrika has been a integral part of Indian weddings for centuries.

Traditional Ivory or off-white wedding cards pinched with turmeric on its corners is a common sight in any household when a wedding is around the corner.Onewould never attend any wedding unless they receive these Wedding Invitations in hand. Such is the Significance.

Wedding Invitations were solely for inviting family members and neighbours, but in this modern era, the Bride and groom got their own list of friends and colleagues to be invited for their Big Day.Choosing a card for this specific guest list seems a Big deal. Is it? Not Anymore.

Being the awesome kids of 90’s, who doesn’t love comic characters? In fact, which young heart doesn’t love these illustrations with a dash of colour. Probably that is the reason why Caricature and animated wedding cards are making it big in the market.

While I kept looking for few such card designers, I came across this awesome, talented,  Mekala Murali of Pathrika Designs. I was so much in love with those cards that I was literally  drooling with my eyes.They  were so perfect that I would not even imagine a single change in not even one of their templates.You would just want them just the way they are.

Colour schemes ? check, Quirky and funny? of course. Designs? Loads of them.Check out these awesome designs which will instantly put a smile on your face.

A 2-states wedding perfectly depicted

Have a wedding which is bringing two communities together? This is a perfect card to depict your wedding in all bright colours.

Caricature cardvwith a bi-colour scheme

For all the Bold and Beautiful Brides out there. Isn’t this zany enough to satiate ? I loved the combination !! What say?Whistle podu?

A game of love-Monopoly wedding card

This Card is definitely a keeper.With a customised game designed on it, your friends would definitely love the fun factor associated with it.

Paris proposal? Here you go

No time for a Paris proposal? No worries. Here you go with this ‘Aww’ feel card. Its too awesome to be real . Well , I just had a 10 second pause again staring at this card.

A colourful quirky card designed by Mekala

Something more delightful to suit your taste? Well I have the answer.This circular disc card.

Mekala, If you are ever reading this, you have a great colour choice!  Kudos to you!!

And all the readers who are craving for more , you should definitely check the Website which is a master piece in itself and they are available on fb as Pathrika.

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